Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses

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Help Nurses Right Now

Nearly three years ago, our nation’s nurses confronted the greatest challenge of their careers as COVID-19 overloaded our healthcare system and tore through our communities. Ever since, nurses are risking themselves day after day after day on the front lines of the pandemic, providing critical, highly skilled care while simultaneously being the emotional core in hospitals across the country.

Today, though COVID hospitalizations and deaths across the nation have begun to decline, nurses are facing some of their most difficult days ahead, but without the reserves of energy and hope for quick recoveries they had at the start of the pandemic.

The American Nurses Foundation created the Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses to provide the support nurses so desperately need during this time. Since starting the Fund in April 2020, we launched a variety of urgent relief initiatives to care for nurses’ mental health and well-being, offer direct financial assistance, provide education and evidence-based information, and advocate on behalf of nurses.

Contributions by donors like you made it possible for the Foundation to be a strong presence, resilient in the face of uncertainty, and to undertake that crucial new work. Thankfully, we have made real progress to date. Due to recent trends, it is clear that nurses are going to need your continued support.

As the pandemic continues with new variants, nurses are again working under extraordinary circumstances. The daily public applause has stopped but the challenges remain just as daunting, making the need for the Response Fund all the more crucial at this stage. The Foundation’s work to provide continued relief, support nurses’ recovery, and strive at rebuilding a healthcare system that is better for nurses and patients must continue as well.

The Foundation has existed for over 65 years because some things are timeless – like a nurse’s dedication. If you’ve experienced the power of nursing, you know the combination of personal passion and expert knowledge that exceptional nurses show, and the difference they make. But how do you say thank you? Donate today.

On behalf of America’s 4.4 million nurses, thank you!