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American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses

Supported by Sidney Walton's No Regrets Tour to raise "a dollar more than Moore"

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Join with Sidney Walton to Help Nurses Now!

Sidney Walton and the American Nurses Foundation have partnered to support nurses on the frontlines of COVID-19.

102-yr-old Sidney Walton is one of America's last remaining WWII veterans. He has transitioned his veteran experience into meaningful work with politicians and high-level figures. He has been moved to act on behalf of nurses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and is utilizing his platform to generate support for frontline nurses during a time of great need.

Sidney launched his No Regrets Tour in 2018, aiming to meet all 50 governors in all 50 states to call attention to the dwindling number of WWII veterans and the sacrifices they made to save America. With 14 states left to visit, Sidney is dedicating all funds raised on the final leg of his Tour to frontline nurses in the pandemic. Inspired by "Captain Tom" in the UK, and in the spirit of friendly competition, he aims to raise "a dollar more than Moore."

In the run-up to his 100th birthday in April 2020, Captain Tom Moore Walked 100 lengths of his garden, hoping to raise $13,000 to help fight the coronavirus. He ended up raising $46 million and was knighted by the Queen for his efforts. Sir Thomas Moore died in February 2021 of COVID-19, but donations continue to be made in the spirit of his campaign to the Captain Tom Foundation.

In a country five times the population of the UK, Sidney's goal in the U.S. is to raise simply "$1 more than Moore" by June 4, 2021.

American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses enables the public to support and thank nurses. The national fund is addressing the current and emerging needs of nurses and has focused on:

  • Providing direct financial assistance to nurses
  • Supporting the mental health of nurses – today and in the future
  • Ensuring nurses everywhere have access to the latest science-based information to protect themselves, prevent infection, and care for those in need
  • Driving the national advocacy focused on nurses and patients

To share your thanks and support for nurses on the frontlines you can make a donation now.

The American Nurses Foundation has existed for over 60 years because some things are timeless – like a nurse’s dedication. If you’ve experienced the power of nursing, you know the combination of personal passion and expert knowledge that exceptional nurses show, and the difference they make. But how do you say thank you? Donate today.